When using link building in promotion, external links are checked for indexation by search engines. How to do it? There are several ways. Consider the most affordable and effective. How to check the indexing of links?

Method number 1. Through a search query.

Using a search query, you can check for an exact match between the link text and the content on the pages of a particular site. To do this, you use the following query:

site: {name of site} “{anchor text of link}”

Through a search query, you can determine whether the external reference is indexed. However, with a large amount of reference mass, this method takes quite a long time to check all available references. If the links are hidden using javascript or the nofollow tag, they will not be indexed by the search engines.

This method of verification is used by most exchanges of links and specialized services. It is based on manual verification of indexing of links. If you want to save time, you can use other ways.

Method number 2. Automatic services.

There are many automatic verification services, the use of which helps to reduce the time spent on work. If you need to check the indexing of links placed through specialized exchanges, use the drivelink.ru tool. You can set the schedule of checks and configure other settings. This service is chargeable. It will be especially useful to those webmasters who use the Sape exchange.

Method number 3. Google Webmaster.

Verification can be done through a web analytics service from Google. To do this, you need to register, add your site or sites and use the convenient tools of Webmaster Tools. Go to the “Search Traffic” section to view external links to your site.

The web analytics service provides information about all sites where links to your web resource are located. Naturally, they should all be open for indexing and indexed by Google. You can see which pages the links are on by clicking on the website address. Webmaster Tools is a tool that is accessible to any site owner and will be useful not only for checking links, but also for working on other areas of analysis.

Why check links?

By checking the indexing of links, you will be able to assess the effectiveness of the work to create a reference mass for your site. Not all links are successfully indexed by search engines. In addition, many unscrupulous webmasters delete posted links after a while. To identify non-working or deleted links, you should regularly check the indexing.

To optimize the budget for external SEO and build the right link building strategy, check the quality of backlinks, remove non-working links and track the speed of indexing links. All these measures contribute to better search engine promotion of the site and increase the level of the trust.

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