With promotion in Twitter, PR campaigns, advertising or increasing brand popularity are more often associated. Many do not know that the microblogging service can be used for search promotion. Through optimization of the account on Twitter, you can get good traffic from search engines and improve the visibility of the company (goods) in the results of issuance.

SEO-optimization of a Twitter account

Search engines have long been indexing posts placed in the microblogging service. In the issue results, you can often see links to Twitter accounts. Many of them are placed on top positions. Optimizing your account on Twitter will help you add links to the search and get additional benefits in search engine promotion.

Stages of optimization of Twitter account

1. Select Username.

Username is part of the link to your Twitter account. The name of the blog should be brief, memorable and meaningful. It is advisable to name your Twitter in such a way that Username is associated with a company, brand or product. Do not use a name that is too long, this may interfere with the promotion.

2. Choosing the name of the owner.

In addition to Username, you need to come up with a second name, which will be displayed next to the link to the Twitter account. This is the part of the title that is visible in the results of the SERP. Username and owner name can be the same. However, different names are more vivid and interesting. The name can contain keywords. The more attractive the name of your blog on Twitter, the more transitions you can get from a search link.

3. Description.

Creating a description is an important step in optimizing the Twitter account. The Bio field or description should contain keywords that you want to promote in search results. The description can be displayed in the output for some queries. It is also indexed by search robots.

4. Filling and optimization of the page on Twitter.

To promote the Twitter account in the search engines, you need to spin your page, i.e. to optimize the posted posts and the account itself. To begin with, you need to dial a sufficient number of followers (subscribers). In the description it is necessary to add links to the site, and in the posts to be published, leave links to thematic materials.

To recruit readers, you need to write interesting news, discuss current topics, and communicate with other users. Fascinating posts often receive retweets. Their weight for search engines increases, which leads to increased popularity of Twitter account.

5. Retweet.

Twitter users often repost records that they liked. When placing a message, use 140 symbols, but slightly less (for example, 120). In this case, when you retweet your post will be displayed completely.

6. Using hashtags.

To quickly find and highlight important information in post, use the special “#” tags. Put a “grate” in front of a significant word to draw attention to the message and easily identify the main part of the post.

Optimizing Twitter is good for the site and the company

Search engine optimization of your account on Twitter gives you more navigation on natural links. Users can click on the links from the service, as well as from the search results. The sickle will have your Twitter page, which will lead to an increase in the popularity of the company or brand.