In order to achieve success in the search engine promotion of the site, you must choose the right content management system. Why is it so important? The fact is that CMS affects the quality of optimization of individual pages and web-resources in general. The correct management system will help reduce the cost of SEO and organize effective promotion of the site in search.

Choosing a CMS: what should be a good system in terms of SEO?

Today you can find a huge number of CMS with various features and options. Each system has its own characteristics, which should be taken into account. When choosing the main focus should be focused on determining the purpose of creating a site. Give preference to CMS, focused on SEO and search engine promotion. How to understand how much this or that CMS is good from the position of SEO?

1. The menu of the site.

Pay attention to how the site menu is built. In many CMS menus are drop-down, i.e. written in JavaScript. For SEO and promotion this is a negative point. Search robots do not perceive JavaScript well, and all menu items will remain unnoticed by search engines. A good content management system should generate a text menu. It is perfectly indexed by robots and will not prevent your site from advancing to the TOP.

2. Site map.

Verify that you can automatically create a site map in the CMS. This feature is necessary for quick and convenient optimization. Site map is needed for search robots and site visitors. It presents all sections and pages of the web resource. Thanks to this, search engines can index the map and find new pages, and users can search for useful materials.

3. Creating meta tags.

In the CMS, there must be a function to create meta tags. It will allow you to quickly register the title and description.

4. Creating a CNC.

The ability to create CNC is also an integral part of SEO-oriented CMS. If the URLs consist of numbers and symbols, this will not add to the attractiveness of your site.

5. Web-editor.

The presence of a convenient and understandable web-editor will provide you access to the editing of the html-template CMS. Even a person unfamiliar with programming can make edits in the visual mode and make changes to the code. This possibility is necessary for internal optimization of the site and individual page elements.

6. Open source.

The code must be open for changes. CMS with open source is needed for effective SEO-optimization of the site and improving the quality of promotion.

7. Load on the server.

A good management system should create a minimum load on the server. Make sure that the selected CMS does not give you a heavy load. Also note that installing additional extensions and plug-ins will increase the load on the server.

A quality CMS that promotes correct site optimization and promotion must meet the listed requirements. Most modern systems have all the necessary functions. Before installing the site on the CMS, make sure that the chosen system is suitable for SEO.